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April, 2015

Black Horse Pike swimming in car dealerships

Vernon Ogrodnek EHT Car Sales Sandra Jusino and her daughter, Brittney Melanson, of Galloway, shopping for a car at Auto Lenders, off the Black Horse Pike, in Egg Harbor Township, Thursday, April 2, 2015. That section of the pike is home to several car dealerships in a row.

5 Reasons New Lenders Are Ignoring FICO Credit Scores

For years,FICO credit scores have played a disproportionate role in our lives.FICO, which is used by 90% of lenders in America, determines whether or not we can be approved for a mortgage, auto loan or credit card. It is also used to determine how much we can borrow, and what interest rate we will have […]

Improving financial literacy essential

Watching the evening news one would think that our country’s economic engine is back on track. The financial markets are at an all-time high and the nation’s unemployment rate has dwindled to pre-recession levels. The housing market is starting to show signs of life, even in the hardest hit markets, like right here in Florida. […]

Servicemembers win $3.1M relief over hidden fees

One of the largest US processors of bill payments by military servicemembers will pay nearly $3.1 million in consumer relief after a review found the firm charged millions of dollars in hidden fees. Kentucky-based Military Assistance Company and its parent firm, Fort Knox National Co., will repay soldiers, sailors, Marines and other servicemembers who were […]

Tips on How to Buy a Property If You Have a Bad Credit Score

A lot of people think that a low credit score puts an end to property buying. But in fact theres no need to despair if your credit score doesnt quite cut it. If you look like a risky borrower your loan will generally cost you more. So what can you do to change that? To […]

AutoNation Earnings: What to Watch

By Anne Steele AutoNation Inc. is scheduled to deliver its first-quarter earnings report Wednesday morning. Heres what to look for. EARNINGS FORECAST: Analysts forecast the largest US car dealer group to report adjusted earnings of 88 cents per share, up 17% from 75 cents for the quarter in 2014. Profit growth expectations come despite a […]

3 Ways Credit Cards Can Reduce Summer Trip Costs

Credit Card Types Best Credit Card To Have Rewards On Credit Cards Cash Back Rewards Cards Travel Reward Cards Best Airline Reward Credit Card Best Balance Transfer Cards Best Small Business Credit Cards Best Unsecured Credit Cards Best International Credit Card Balance Transfer 0% Credit Cards Credit Report Prepaid Visa Cards Credit Cards That Are […]

What Really Happens When You Dispute Something on Your Credit Report?

Find a mistake on your credit report? One in five (21%) consumers who have seen their credit reports said they found wrong information on their reports, according to a survey of credit report awareness. The common advice in this situation is, “dispute it.” But what happens to your credit reports and credit scores when […]

Driving Financial Inclusion at 4G Speed

Base-of-the-pyramid financial services providers in emerging markets are increasingly using data analytics to pioneer new products for reaching the unbanked. Alifinance in China is using the underlying transaction data of vendors on the giant online platform Alibaba to underwrite small business loans. M-Shwari in Kenya leverages M-Pesas mobile money data for short-term, unsecured credit. Cignifi […]

Beth’s Story: Can a Balance Transfer Help Me Get Out of Debt?

This is part two of my series about Beth, who is dealing with unaffordable credit card bills. In part one, I shared her detailed reader question, and I didn’t know her personal debt relief quest would turn into an online mini-book. In the first installment, I covered why consolidating credit cards without a dependable income […]

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