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May, 2015

Health Care REIT (HCN) Closes $750M Senior Note Offering

Health Care REIT, Inc. (HCN – Analyst Report) announced the closing of a $750-million offering of senior unsecured notes. With this move, the Toledo, OH-based health care real estate investment trusts (REIT) financials are expected to enjoy greater flexibility. The notes, bearing a rate of 4%, are due on Jun 1, 2025. Health Care REIT […]

MTS Announces $500000 Private Equity Financing

RAANANA, Israel, May 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — MTS-Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd. (Nasdaq Capital Market: MTSL), a provider of video advertising solutions for online and mobile platforms as well as innovative products and services for telecom expense management, mobile virtual network operators and enablers and an IOT/M2M enablement platform used by mobile service providers, today announced […]

6 Tricks To Getting A Great Mortgage Rate

Getting a great rate on a mortgage is about a lot more than comparison shopping. It’s also about much more than just your credit score. In fact, the mortgage industry examines a number of factors to determine not only if you qualify for a mortgage, but also what interest rate you’ll pay. There’s a lot […]

Lawmakers look to stop multi-million salary for CEO of government mortgage giant

Two Republican lawmakers have proposed legislation that would prevent mortgage giant Freddie Mac from hiring a CEO at a salary of millions of dollars a year. Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mel Watt has asked Freddie Mac to propose a legislative package for a CEO who could earn more than $7 million each year to […]

Current Mortgage Rates Lift Maximum Home Purchase Price By 11% From 2014

Current Mortgage Rates Lift Maximum Home Purchase Price By 11% From 2014 Current Mortgage Rates Below 4% Mortgage rates are on a run. In January 2014, the average 30-year fixed rate conventional mortgage rate was 4.52 percent. This week, the typical 30-year fixed rate interest rate for prime mortgage borrowers is closer to 3.75%.  Since the start of […]

10 things everyone should know about credit scores

By Christine DiGangi/ The last time I got up in front of a group to talk about my job, no one had questions for me. It was a high school career day a few weeks ago, and the students stared at me blankly as I dropped words like personal finance, credit scores and debt. I […]

Subprime Auto-Loan Bonds Skew Lender Incentives, Lawsky Says

“This is a place where banks can make a lot of profits,” Lawsky said, adding that subprime loans have a place in the financial system when made correctly. “We don’t want to totally disrupt the market either” and “create a problem where people can’t get credit.” ‘Complicated Investigation’ Lawsky said his investigators are currently “smack […]

Significance of a Credit Score

By Srijan Sen In the United States, a score allocated to every individual based on a credit history calculates financial worth. In order to secure a house mortgage, car loan, or apply for a credit card or even a cellphone contract, one must have a satisfactory credit score. Individual credit scores play an important role […]

The Trace Of Wisdom Analysis For STORE Capital (STOR)

Back in November 2014, STORE Capital (NYSE:STOR) listed around 27,500,000 shares on the NYSE. The expected price range was between $17 to $19 per share, and the stock climbed to $22.25 on the first day of trading. Since that time (almost 5 months) the Scottsdale-based REITs shares have climbed by over 26%. (click to enlarge) […]

NYC bars the use of credit checks in hiring

City council member Brad Lander, who sponsored the legislation, said in a press conference that credit checks for employment unfairly lock New Yorkers out of jobs. Using credit data to screen job hunters has drawn fire from labor and consumer advocates, who say such information is a poor predictor of a workers performance. The practice […]

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