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Is the White House Now Just Another Trump Inc. Subsidiary?

Trump does not appear to have been involved in Russian-related deals until about 2001. By then a tidal wave of Russian money had been sucked out of the country by the kleptocracy that had looted Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This new class of rich Russians needed places to park their money, […]

The Wall Street Journal: LendingClub under fire for close ties to outside fund

LendingClub Corp. LC, -0.49% and its own leader spent huge amount of money within an exterior account simply to enhance interest in the organizations loans at the same time of industry tension, people acquainted with the problem stated. Subsequently-boss Renaud Laplanche recommended the expense in Cirrix Money gas, a vital client for LendingClubs loans, at […]

Through community advocacy, Oak Grove leader living with ALS has support …

There is no cure for the disease, currently, and few people live past five years from the first symptoms. Stephen Hawking, a physicist, is the most famous exception by living more than 50 years with ALS. Nelligans upper body strength started slipping first, and he had a cough he couldnt shake. Then came what he […]

Hospice of Gladwin Area to continue with grief and loss training program

Topics will include how to be a facilitator; the importance of confidentiality; class curriculum; the special needs of those who grieve suicides death; self care, and when to refer class participants to counseling professionals. The two-day training also includes a skill practice and a lunch is provided both days. HGA continues to provide trained volunteers […]

Parma City Council meeting 4-21-14: Community Voices

Parma City Council will hold a Regular City Council meeting on Monday, April 21 at 7:00 pm in Parma City Council Chambers located in Parma City Hall. The meeting is open to the public. Several new items will appear on the agenda under First Reading, which will be discussed in future meetings. For instance, Ordinance […]

Worst. Winter. Ever? Not so fast, volunteer weatherman says

“It wasn’t an unusual winter for snow,” Newell said. According to Newell’s data, Ashland has seen 20.9 inches from December 2013 to now, only slightly more than the town’s “normal snowfall” of 19.4 inches. So far, there were roughly 32 occasions where it either snowed or flurried between December of last year and March, Newell […]