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On Your Side | Consumer Help for Military

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — They protect our country but who is protecting their wallets? More than 100,000 men and women in uniform become victims of financial fraud or scams every year.

In 2016, 116,000 service members, veterans or spouses filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission. 47% of those came from current or former members of the Army. A lot of those (about 40%) are from E1 through E4 enlisted ranks so theyre young and just starting off their military careers and often not yet experienced handling their money.

The Department of Defense along with the Consumer Protection Bureau and dozens of other partners created The website offers free resources as the first line of defense against fraud and make better-informed decisions when managing money. From credit cards to managing debt and investments to avoiding scams, the mobile friendly site gives the military the weapons they need to fight for their rights as consumers.

Another great resource is with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB-military line offers workshops to educate our men and women in uniform on buying homes, deals for wheels, and investigating in higher education. The website also gives links to helpful government agencies to help the military with their consumer problems.

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