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A Guide to PNC and Shareholder Letters

This video was recorded on April 3, 2017. Gaby Lapera: Hello, everyone! Welcome to Industry Focus, the podcast that dives into a different sector of the stock market every day. Youre listening to the Financials edition, tapedtoday on Monday,April 3, 2017. My name is Gaby Lapera, andjoining me on Skype is John Maxfield, banking specialist. […]

4 Ways To Pay Off Debt Faster

American consumers are carrying an unprecedented amount of debt. Recent statistics lay out the unpleasant facts: as of 2015, households carry an average of nearly $16,000 in credit card balances, $27,000 in car loans, and a whopping $48,000 in student loan debt. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, a small but significant […]

What You Need to Know About Cash-Back Credit Cards and Sign-Up Bonuses

This video was recorded on March 29, 2017. Michael Douglass: Hi, Facebook Fools! Im Michael Douglas, an analyst here at The Motley Fool, and Im joined by Nathan Hamilton, one of our other analysts, and were going to be talking to you today about cash-back credit cards, sign-up bonuses, and whatever else is on our […]

50 Money Moves to Make Before Graduation

Secured credit cards and student credit cards are designed to help you build credit, so look for the right terms and conditions. Be sure to check ifthe card has a low annual fee and competitive interest rates, and perhaps keep an eye out for features like rental car insurance and travel assistance. The best student […]

Discover Financial Eyes Growth Despite Increase in Costs

In the last one year, the stock has gained 35.6%, outperforming the Zacks categorized Consumer Loans industry that registered an increase of 21.7%. The stock price appreciation may primarily be attributed to Discover Financials solid brand recognition, strong credit card business, continuous product innovation, and customer acquisition strategies. With assets of over $90.5 billion, this […]

Michelle Hutchison at on social for the finance comparison site

SMP: How did you initially attract users to site, social channels et al and how do you do it now? MH: It all started with a blog about student credit cards. It was an excellent page with a useful comparison and explained students’ concerns. It was the only page out there so it received great, […]

Tell Your College Student About These Debit Card Dangers

For many students, college is their first taste of real independence, and that includes managing their finances on their own, as well. And while they may be getting an education to prepare them for their respective fields, most do not have an opportunity to learn how to handle their money effectively. In fact, college students […]

What You Need To Know About Student Credit Cards

Most Indian parents tend to think that giving credit cards to children, especially those who are college students or fresh graduates, is a recipe for disaster. But it is in fact quite the opposite as a credit card for a college student not only comes loaded with special features and benefits, it is also a […]

Ready for Freshman Year? 4 Finance Tips for New College Students

Student credit cards are great because they allow you to start your credit history. One important determinant of your credit score is how long you’ve had a credit account and getting a card ASAP will help you look like a more attractive lending risk later on. Just be sure to pay off the card every […]

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